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Is your violin out of tune? Want to learn how to tune your violin? Curious why the violin is tuned the way it is? Visit our violin tuning section!


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Tune Your Violin

The four strings on your violin are tuned to these notes:



Review how to hold your violin and bow, learn violin fingering, and choose free violin music to play!

Violin Position

How do you hold your violin?

Violin Fingering

Learn how to finger violin music!

Free Violin Music

Want to play free violin music?

Free Violin Music

Choose from a wide selection of free violin music

Violin Scales

Strengthen and improve your violin playing with free violin scales, etudes and exercises on our sister site,

Violin Solos

Play violin solos from a wide variety of styles as you explore violin music throughout history in ViolinOnline’s FREE String Class.

Solos & Trios

Play violin music by composers such as Bach, Vivaldi. The melody and harmony parts are also available for cello and viola.

Christmas Music

Celebrate Christmas and Easter with free violin sheet music such as Amazing Grace, Silent Night, Joy to the World, and many more.

Violin Store

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